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International Version

Continental Version

A perfect combination of first-rate comfort and cutting-edge technology

Full Touch control panel lets you set and save the working parameters of each individual instrument (3 individual dentist can save up to 4 programs each)

Extensive travel arms, allowing the operating ergonomics to adjust to each clinical situation with maximum efficiency

Motor-driven ceramic cuspidor bowl rotates automatically reaching one of the pre-set positions

Pneumatic headrest pivots on 3 axes to allow quick, precise positioning of the patient's head.


Dentist's Side

Dentist's module

To reposition instruments, it is enough to lightly touch the capacitive sensor inside the handle, move the module and release the handle to activate locking in the required module position

The tube extension capacity and minimized instrument support arm height enhance the module positioning range without any risk of interference with the operating light

Optional end-of-stroke lock system for enhanced freedom of movement

Easy to handle, self-balanced instruments minimising operator wrist fatigue during use

The tray holder, pivoting on an articulated arm, can be adjusted to any working position

The large trans-thoracic tray holder can easily be reached by both the dentist and the assistant

The dentist's module's extensive vertical work range facilitates suitable positioning to meet any working requirements

Freedom and precision

The Skema 8 work range is enhanced in both versions by its extensive-travel arms, allowing the operating ergonomics to adjust to each clinical situation with maximum efficiency. The excellent manoeuvrability of all dental unit elements helps maintain a correct, natural posture at all times, thus significantly reducing physical stress and fatigue during the course of the working day.

Comfort and confidence

On the hanging tubes module, the instruments are arranged in a functional manner to facilitate comfortable, easy pick-up and intuitive replacement in the holder. As a result, the workflow is fast and smooth. Moreover, the instruments remain outside the patient's field of vision to provide a more soothing, relaxed atmosphere.

Control panel

Innate versatility

With the tap of a finger the micromotor becomes an advanced endodontics instrument: special functions such as torque control, reverse and auto-reverse are always ready for use, as is an extensive library of endo-canalar files. Absolute safety

In implantology all the settings needed to complete each implant operating protocol precisely and safely can be personalised and recalled with ease: the software provides an outstanding level of interaction, allowing the dentist to set bur torque and speed parameters to match the employed contra-angle, control the peristaltic pump delivery rate and control all the other work modes that make implant site preparation and actual implantation easier.

Intuitive control

The Full Touch display provides immediate information and fast control. Patient chair positioning, instrument spray mode, the operating light, automatic disinfection procedures; all these can be controlled simply by tapping on an icon, ensuring dentists enjoy unparalleled freedom to focus exclusively on their patients.

Outstanding clinical potential

Whatever the treatment being carried out, the Full Touch control panel lets dentists set and save the working parameters of each individual instrument with just a few taps of the finger; this is especially true of the LED Implantor micromotor which, thanks to this exciting new interface, is able to express its full all-round potential and so allow the dental surgery to expand its range of clinical treatment.

Full Touch also allows dentists to make all the clinical settings needed for safe use of the innovative ultrasound surgery handpiece, were included on the dentist's module.

Surgical functions

Skema 8 offers the perfect implantology configuration: Implantor LED induction micromotor, peristaltic pump integrated on the dentist's module and a cutting-edge control panel. Designed to smooth interaction with devices during treatment, the control panels let dentists personalise and save all parameters such as speed, torque and peristaltic pump delivery rate quickly and easily, leaving them free to focus on the task at hand and the patient's well being.

The control panel also allows equally efficient, simple management of the micromotor Endo mode: once again, all the settings (including the Normal, Reverse and Auto Reverse functions) can be set and saved immediately.

Advanced control

Highly advanced control means that dentists can focus exclusively on their work and their patients.

Full Touch is a large touch screen display (5.7"); made of tempered glass, it can be completely sanitised, offers excellent resistance to impact and scratching and, above all, provides fast user-friendly control of all dental unit functions.

The information shown on the Full Touch control panel can also be personalised: at the touch of a key dentists can choose between basic information or more advanced settings allowing more comprehensive personalisation of the way dynamic instruments and integrated hygiene system devices are used.

Live Diagnosis

Based on a Linux platform and featuring a powerful latest-generation microprocessor, the Full Touch control panel offers several exclusive features: the ability to view X-rays in full-screen mode, manage certain graphic parameters, save them on a USB storage device or transfer them to an integrated monitor or connected PC.


The Castellini Electronic Apex Locator offers maximum efficiency and clinical safety in endodontic treatments. The file position inside the root canal is shown on the display unit integral with the dental unit. When the apex distance threshold programmed by the operator is reached, the LAEC will emit a warning tone. (optional).

Thanks to the large 5.7" display, the visualisation of the procedure is extremely clear.

Implantor LED Micromotor

Latest-generation brushless micromotor, with its low-noise operation and minimal weight, Implantor LED is vibration-free and characterized by extremely high torque and outstanding reliability. Top performance for all specialist applications. Completely autoclavable.

Micromotor features:
  • 100 up to 40,000 rpm with 1:1 ratio
  • electronic torque control up to 5.3 Ncm
  • possibility of presetting maximum speed
Piezosteril 6 / Piezolight 6

Versatile and multifunctional ultrasound handpieces suitable for prophylaxis, endodontics and periodontal procedures. Available with or without fibre optic for LED lighting, the handpieces offer the following performance:

  • perfectly linear, controlled ultrasonic vibration (free from parasitic lateral vibration) with frequency constantly self-regulated according to load and tip condition
  • extensive power adjustment range
  • power is self-adjusting as a function of workload: this prevents heating of the handpiece or cooling liquids
  • coolant delivery adjustable from zero to max flow rate
  • completely autoclavable

Lightweight, compact curing light with an exclusive design that allows use as both a direct version or 120° angled version.

  • high power LED up to a maximum of 2,200 mW/cm2
  • 430 - 490 nm emission band
  • 6 pre-set programmes
  • autoclavable light guide
Surgison 2

Ultrasound handpiece specially designed for oral surgery, implantology and osteotomy, available with an extensive range of special tips for any treatment requirements.

  • Directly interchangeable with the Piezolight 6 scaler, whereas instrument tubing has to be substituted for the Piezosteril 6 scaler. The Surgison 2 handpiece is always automatically detected and driven by the unit
  • completely autoclavable
  • the unit-integrated optional peristaltic pump ensures completely aseptic cooling by dedicated liquids

Assistant's side

  • lightweight and handy, the suction cannulae are provided with roller housings
  • easy and accurate vertical positioning of the module
  • from the control panel, the patient chair movement, cup and bowl filling, operating light and Autosteril hygiene system activation can all be controlled

The (optional) assistant's tray holder module is handily installed next to the assistant's module

  • The cup and bowl filling units and the cuspidor bowl itself can be removed and disassembled to optimise hygiene procedures
  • Tray holder module available to replace the cuspidor bowl
Motor-driven cuspidor bowl

The motor-driven ceramic cuspidor bowl rotates automatically reaching one of the pre-set positions and guaranteeing patient comfort during treatment. With its simple controls available on each instrument panel, the cuspidor bowl can then be returned to its stand-by position above the unit body.

Multifunctional ergonomics

The assistant's module on a dual articulated arm is height-adjustable and can be extended and folded to make more space available for the assistant whilst guaranteeing the greatest functionality in any (two- or four-handed) operating position. Five housings are available for the suction hoses and instruments.

The Patient Chair

Design in movement

The structural solidity of the Skema 8 is its patient chair, silent-running with fluid movements, powerful and reliable thanks to its hydraulic mechanism. It provides excellent patient comfort and, thanks to an extensive height adjustment range, can be placed at the ideal height whatever the operating circumstances. Movements can be managed directly or by using saved programs that include twelve working positions, rinse function, return to last working position and automatic reset. Backrest tilt is coordinated with the knee joint area to bring the patient into the Trendelenburg position. Asymmetric shaping of the lumbar area of the backrest and an offset backrest-seat joint provides the dentist with an unhindered approach to the patient.

Pneumatic headrest

The pneumatic headrest pivots on 3 axes to allow quick, precise positioning of the patient's head. The headrest can be released easily thanks to a button located at the bottom.


The exclusive C9 anatomical seat is designed to provide a physiologically correct, healthy working position: broad vertical excursion, adjustable thigh support, vertically and horizontally adjustable backrest with compensation system for continuous lumbar support.

Also available to the medical team are the comfortable yet practical C7 and C8 seats.

Suction Stop device

Pressing the chair base causes temporary suspension of suction with the cannulae extracted. Both the backrest and base plate are equipped with a safety device that prevents any risk of crushing.


The sliding function provides four key advantages: synchronised movement of the patient chair maintains patient comfort and keeps the distance ratios between operating zone and the two dental unit modules constant; it allows patient repositioning without having to move the operating light in that its beam remains pointed at the oral cavity; lastly, there is a much more easier-to-use space around the tilted backrest compared to that provided by a chair without the sliding function.

All this is made possible thanks to the exclusive synchronized movement of seat and backrest: while the backrest is lowered, the seat slides forward and is raised.

Peripheral devices incorporated on the dental unit

Foot controls

The foot control range includes 6 models:

Lateral slide Foot Control (wired/wireless)

Pressure-operated Foot Control (wired/wireless)

Power Pedal Foot Control

Multifunction Foot Control

Being able to control multiple dental unit functions via the foot control demonstrates a conscientious approach to hygiene, one that has ensured the available foot-operated functions include:

  • Progressive instrument activation
  • spray selection
  • chip air/water activation
  • patient chair direct/programmed movement control
  • light on/off (available on multifunction foot control)
  • freeze-frame camera

Both the lateral slide and the pressure-operated foot controls are available in the wireless version. Because there are no wires the foot control can now be positioned as desired without creating any hindrance, allowing for more comfortable on-patient treatment. Lithium batteries ensure that the unit can go more than two months between recharges; in any case it is supplied with a lead for fast connection to the dental unit so that recharging can also be carried out during work.

Venus LED

Operating lamp with long-lasting, low-consumption LED light source plus 3-axis rotation for perfect illumination of the operating area.

Technical features:

  • maximum light intensity 50,000 Lux
  • colour temperature: 5,000 K
  • potentiometer to adjust light intensity
  • No Touch sensor to switch on and adjust
  • easy-to-clean hermetically sealed front protective screen
  • handles can be cleaned in an autoclave
Venus Plus

High performing operating light with rotation movement on three axes for accurate light adjustment to the oral cavity.

Technical features:

  • colour temperature: 4,900 K
  • adjustable light intensity from 8,000 to 35,000 Lux
  • front protective screen
  • removable handles suitable for cold-disinfection
  • rear fan

Multimedia System

C-U2 HD camera

Featuring a system with 7 glass lenses and a 16:9 format HD sensor, the new incorporated video camera allows high definition images to be shown on the monitor directly without any distortion.

Designed to give easy access to distal zones, the C-U2 is thin and has a partially retroflexed 90° viewing angle. The extensive depth of field (from 5 to 70 mm) ensures outstanding image sharpness while the touch-sensitive key activates the freeze-frame without causing any vibration.

PC connection

The monitor comes ready for connection to a PC via a lead or HDMI connector. On the touch-screen version a USB port provides a further connectivity option.

New Full Touch control panel functions now include viewing of HD images directly on the touch-screen display plus simplified management functions: zoom, contrast levels, colour adjustment and image rotation.

Medicalview Monitor

Mounted on the dental unit operating light column, the 19" LED monitor with 16:9 format waterproof screen is an excellent high-tech, ergonomic, image-based communication and diagnostic tool. Low-power LED light sources provide excellent contrast and bright colours, making images decidedly sharper.

The Medicalview Monitor is Medical Device 93/42-certified. Choosing a double-jointed arm lets dentists shift the monitor and position it within the treatment area. In addition to comfortable use, it also ensures greater involvement of the patient when sharing the outcome of treatment via on-screen imagery.

Active hygiene devices

Hygiene systems

Supplied ready for the incorporation of scientifically proven hygiene devices, the Skema 8 design concept aims to minimise any risk of cross-contamination and is DVGW certified

The A.C.A. spray anti-retraction system, supplied as standard on all dynamic instruments, prevents aspiration of any contaminants during the instrument stopping phase and prevents cross-contamination between patients

Autosteril A

Where used together with Peroxy Ag+, the Autosteril system (optional) provides automatic high-level disinfection of the spray water circuits, ensuring a mycobactericide, bactericide and anti-Legionella action, certified by the Sapienza University of Rome.

It helps hygienisation at the end of a day's session and allows for short cycles to be carried out in the following steps:

  • circuit draining with compressed air
  • addition of 3% H2O2 to the spray water circuits
  • 'hold time' allowed for liquid to work to intensive disinfection results
  • liquid draining with compressed air
  • (mains or distilled) water flushing

M.W.B.* - continuous disinfection system coupled to an air gap separation from mains water device in accordance with EN 1717

  • 20 mm separation between mains water system and dental unit lines
  • water titration with 0.06% H2O2

Peristaltic pump* -inbuilt system, necessary for oral surgery and implantology work with the Castellini instruments available on the dental unit

  • Implantor LED Micromotor and Surgison 2 ultrasound Handpiece irrigation with normal saline solution S.S.S. -independent supply to instruments
  • 1.8 litre capacity pressurised tank
  • external tank to facilitate replacement at any time A.C.A. -spray anti-retraction system
  • prevents contaminant suction during the instrument stopping phase
  • minimises any patient cross-contamination risk S.H.D.* - suction system hygiene procedure
  • water flushing and hygienisation with a special liquid from a dedicated tank
  • the duration of each cycle (approximately 1 minute) allows for hygienisation between patients H.P.A.* - pneumatic supply hygienic protection via a device equipped with an autoclavable filter element
  • allows for surgical use of the instruments Time Flushing* -quick flushing of the dental unit body with mains water or separate supply water.

Passive hygiene systems

Hygiene products recommended by Castellini

Ster 1 Plus decontaminating detergent for surface applications

Ster 3 Plus decontaminating detergent for surgical suction lines

Protection against Legionella and waterborne contaminants

The M.W.B. system, used in conjunction with Peroxy Ag+, acts against all waterborne contaminants, including Legionella. Moreover, tests carried out on dental units used in the surgery demonstrated, with regular use of the M.W.B. and daily execution of an intensive disinfection cycle with the Autosteril system, outstanding water hygiene quality, with bacterial loads kept at zero constantly over a 3-month observation period

To maintain outstanding levels of hygiene on both the dental unit and in the workplace, Castellini has developed an advanced passive protection concept. Medical staff and patient alike can count on constant protection from numerous elements specifically designed to minimise any risk of contamination:

  • removable autoclavable parts:
    • ceramic cuspidor bowl
    • cup-and-bowl-fill unit
    • silicone instrument support mat
    • cannulae holders
  • scaler, Implantor LED micromotor and turbines are completely autoclavable
  • syringe handle and tip are completely autoclavable
  • removable, disinfectable dentist's module grip
  • curing light with autoclavable light guide
  • washable and disinfectable control panel with protective membrane
  • removable, disinfectable suction tubing and slide guide
  • unit and chair surfaces can be washed and disinfected
  • seamless patient chair upholstery with antibacterial treatment
Hygiene system
Separate Supply System
Autosteril A (Automatic) for disinfection of the water circuit
Multi Water Bio controller (EN 1717-compliant water infeed unit with continuous disinfection system)
Timed Flushing (quick wash cycle of the water circuit)
Suction Hoses Disinfection (wash and disinfection of suction system)
Peristaltic pump with saline solution irrigation set
Hi Protected Air (pneumatic air feed filter)
Dentist's module
Kit turbine complete with Silent Power Evo 4L fibre optics,quick coupling handpiece
Kit turbine complete with Silent Power Evo Miniature fibre optics, quick coupling handpiece
Induction Micromotor Implantor LED fibre optics kit(100 - 50,000 RPM - 5.3 Ncm)
Kit Piezosteril 6 scaler complete with 4 tips
Piezolight 6 scaler with fibre optics with 4 tips
Surgison 2 surgical ultrasoni kit
LAEC (Integrated Apex Locator)
T-LED curing light kit
Instrument lever stop kit
6-way stainless steel syringe kit module
Transthoracic tray holder module
6th instrument (curing light or camera handpiece)
Assistant's module
T-LED curing light
3-way stainless steel syringe kit
6-way stainless steel syringe kit
Removable and disinfectable suction tubes
Removable and autoclavable suction cannulae
Assistant's module with control panel complete with control switch for chair, operating lamp mounted on self-balanced arm
Tray holder table on assistant's module
Operating lamp
Venus Plus light
Venus LED light
Unit body
Swivel and removable motor-driven bowl
Water-to-cup heater
Instrument spray heater
Air/water supply quick couplings for external devices
Multimedia cables and PC connections
Tray holder table in place of bowl
Patient chair
Pneumatic release headrest with 3-axis movement
Multifunction Foot Control with joystick
Pressure-operated Foot Control with joystick and spray on/off kit
Pressure-operated Foot Control with joystick and spray on/off kit,wireless
Foot control, Power Pedal type
Power Pedal Foot Control
Lateral slide Foot Control
Lateral wireless slide Foot Control
Left armrest
Right armrest
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