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Myray XPOD



MyRay size #1 sensor- 20x30mm active area

MyRay size #2 sensor - 26x34mm active area

Diagnostics in the palm of your hand. Just shoot, view and store as you wish


Diagnostics in the palm of your hand, Wait no more

MyRay proudly introduces the X-pod, pocket sized medical device, capable of instant diagnostic-quality radiographic images in the palm of your hand. The X-pod works stand-alone or connected to a PC, and you decide whether or not to safely store images on a memory card or share them using the industry champion Bluetooth, or the good old USB cable. X-pod features the latest generation of intraoral sensors, with thin outer casing and with chamfered edges and rounded corners. Patient comfort is a crucial factor leading to reduced treatment times and improved patient experience.

The lithium-polymer battery allows for a whole day's autonomy, while you walk in and out the operatory to deliver the highest standard of care, the kind you're proud of. Remove all the technology bumps, no matter how much technology you're surrounded by: it's only worth the results you achieve with it.

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth 2 is the widely adopted wireless communication technology that allows for fast image transfer to your PC only,truly respecting patient privacy. The MyRay patented interference-free implementation makes it even more reliable and safe.

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