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Size 1 with a sensitive (active) area of 30 x 20 mm ideal for standard examinations.

Size 2, with a sensitive area of 33 x 25 mm, for examinations that require a larger active surface.

Two sizes water-resistant replaceable USB connection.

Intraskan Digi Elite: An innovative and flexible sensor with the best CMOS technology, to get better diagnosis with outstanding images, saving both valuable time and space.

Intraskan Digi intraoral sensor works with Deep View®, dynamic and intuitive software that offers Twain options, easy installation, up to 10 simultaneous users, optimization of work time, flexibility for the user, easy information management.


Technical Data

Active area 30 x 20 mm (size 1)
33 x 25 mm (size2)
Pixel size 20 x 20 μm
Number of Pixels 1500 x 1000 (size1)
Distance between pixels 1650 x 1250 (size2)
Spatial resolution 20 μm
Dynamic range 20 lp/mm
Scintillator type 58 dB
Connection to PC CsI
Supply voltage USB 2 (A type) cable 2 mt
Maximum absorbed current 5 V DC
Frame rate 275 mA
Dark current typical 23°C 0,7 fps
Saturation dose (70 kV) 350 LSB/s
Sensitivity 340 μGy
X-RAY response 15 LSM/μGy
non uniformity (XRNU) ± 30 %
Degree of Protection Equivalent to IP67
Temperature 0 to 35°C
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