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International Version

Continental Version

Top performance with cutting edge instruments for freedom of operation and ergonomic flexibility

  • Electrically controlled Multi-Programmable Dental chair with 5 programs (3 programmable & 2 Fixed).
  • Continental/International Delivery System with multifunctional feather touch controls and pneumatic vertical brake locking system
  • Cuspidor is made of high finish, porcelain which is rotatable (160°) and removable Safety system on backrest to prevent entrapment
  • Movement control from dentist unit, assistant unit, foot control
  •
  • Highly compact, the floor-fixed unit body provides exceptional stability, The backrest and seat are shaped to provide maximum comfort.
  • Up-to-date electronics allow you to incorporate 4 dynamic instruments including the brushless micro-motor.
  • The new 3-digit LCD control panel makes it easy to set and visualize your operating parameters.
  • The patient chair can be fitted with one of two extremely quiet motors. Lift capacity goes from min. 135 kg to max. 190 kg.
  • The exclusive synchronization between backrest and seat enables patient chair movements that do not interfere with patient positioning and guarantee maximum comfort during treatment.
  • The chair is programmed for the Trendelenburg position and the articulated headrest can accommodate patients of varying heights.
  • The new LCD digital display shows error messages for remote assistance avoiding downtime and lost productivity.
  • Instruments can be programmed according to 3 dentists' individual preferences, fibre optics on/off and intensity, maximum power/speed limit, micro-motor auto-reverse settings.
  • Brushless micro-motor is lightweight and ultra-compact and requires very little maintenance, available with or without LED lighting, speed from 100 to 40,000rpm.
  • LED operating lamp with full 3-axis rotation and a no-touch infrared sensor for on/off and adjustable Light intensity from 3,000 to 50,000 Lux.
  • cuspidor unit with no-touch sensor to regulate the water to cup function.
  • Integrated multimedia system consists of a fully integrated 17" LCD monitor supported by the unit's digital electronic platform.
  • A multi-functional foot control unit makes it possible to activate/deactivate instruments and operate the Chip Air and Chip Water functions.
  • Ceramic cuspidor bowl which rotates and can be dismantled along with a removable cup-and bowl-fill unit 1.5-litre bypass bottle for distilled water
  • No-touch sensors and the large number of actions which can be managed directly from the foot control help avoid potential contamination via the hands.
  • Double articulated headrest, soft upholstery can be fitted for additional comfort.
  • Extensive module arm rotation from left to right and vice versa.
  • Wet-line High speed suction system

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