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1 micropiezo s unit

1 ultrasonic handpiece

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1 basic kit equipped with: scaling inserts S1, S2, S3 and 1 high-efficiency scaling insert S6

1 torque wrench K6

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Latest generation digital technology

Power and liquid adjustment knob

Feedback-system and APC


Stop broken down

When it comes to your ultrasound unit, cheap is not always economical: even if the only thing you want to do with it is scaling, you simply won't save anything if you have to buy a new unit every 12 months.

Start profitable

Well then, start something really profitable: the micropiezo s is your new powerful scaling unit at a reasonable price - with the well-known mectron quality already built in.

Water filter

The water filter prevents the passage of suspended particles - and can be cleaned easily thanks to its accessibility.

Fixed water line

With the fixed water line in the micropiezo s there is no need to refill your bottles.

Check function

The check signal flashes in case of wear or incorrect fitting of an instrument or any handpiece or handpiece-cord defects - plus power and liquid supply of the unit will be immediately stopped

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