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Myray Hyeprion X9


X9 2D


X9 2D/3D

X9 2D / 3D / CEPH

MRT (Morphology Recognition Technology).

Advanced kinematics: Two translations, One rotation

Relocatable PAN/CEPH detector. Hybrid Technology (CB3D, PAN, CEPH).

Cone Beam 3D HD technology.

Multiple FOV (field of view) up to 11 cm of diameter.

Automatic selection of the dedicated 2D/3D detectors (Patented).

Facilitated positioning (4 laser guide).


Hyperion X9, just right for me.

The present and the future of my work. In three dimensions. Hyperion X9 offers me multiple possibilities and a full range of functions to aim for the best, at all times.

MyRay, Just right for you.

X9 generation: full empowerment.

All the possible choices in one touch. Hyperion X9 adapts to your work, optimizes your time, satisfies your needs. A hybrid platform with exceptional performances.

  • 12 configurations
  • Hybrid technology
  • Rapid update
  • Relocatable PAN/CEPH detector
  • Automatic selection of the dedicated 2D and 3D detectors (Patented)

The best way of distinguishing your work. In full harmony with MyRay's philosophy, Hyperion X9 unites advanced technology and simplicity of use, thereby ensuring you excellent diagnostic analyses in a short time. Try out a new level of efficiency thanks to the automatic alignment of the 2D and 3D detectors. Adapt the platform to your needs: three exceptional solutions, easy to adapt and flexible. One system, multiple functions. Choose the best, Hyperion X9 offers you a wide range of 2D analyses, cephalometric projections and all the best of 3D technology. All in one.

CB3D. With the Cone Beam 3D technology, a single scan generates an infinity of high definition data (75 μm) for the sake of a new method of work. Enlarge your diagnostic imagining. The full dentition from every HD perspective.

CEPH. Ultra rapid scan, within an ultra compact space. Full choice of teleradiographic images thanks to the dedicated programs. Maximum results with a relocatable detector for cephalometric projections, capable of being hooked onto the teleradiographic arm and fastened onto a safety device.

PAN. The advanced kinematics and the dedicated 2D detector make it possible to obtain an exceptional HD panoramic imaging and a broad spectrum of analyses, such as orthogonal projections of the dentition, Bitewing X-rays, multi-angle views of the temporomandibular joints and a study of the maxillary sinuses. Automatic selection between the 2D and the 3D detectors.

Full 3D. Your present.

Widen your vision towards another dimension. 3D is the answer to your diagnostic needs, for the sake of a new universe of possibilities, at the highest level of efficiency.

  • Extraordinary performances within short times
  • Cone Beam 3D HD technology
  • Diagnostic efficacy
  • Satisfied patients, fond patients

Imagine your tomorrow. Create your future. Now.

The future of your clinic begins now. Hyperion X9 provides you with the only possible answer to your needs: the best one. 3D becomes an indispensable, flexible, efficient tool.

Full vision: perfection in details.

Why choosing when you can have everything?

One detail, one world at your disposal. Hyperion X9 adapts to you and guarantees you highest definition images. Every detail, from every viewpoint, for the sake of complete, effective and quick diagnoses.

  • Full FOV (field of view) until 11 cm of diameter
  • Ultra HiRes (75 μm Voxel)
  • Low X-ray dose

The full FOV guarantees you scans of the whole dentition, the standard FOV allows you a scan of the single dental arch, the craniostat ensures you maximum stability, for the sake of unmatchable results.

Full 3D. FOV experience.

Only Hyperion X9 offers you an innovative FOV, unique of its kind since it is dynamic. The best for your clinic, excellence in your diagnoses.

Extend your vision, broaden your work: with the innovative function of Extended View beyond 11 cm of diameter, you will have a FOV (field of view) up to 13 cm of height. For the sake of complete analyses, optimized upper and lower jaw and maxillary sinus scans. Hyperion X9 does not offer you a mere "stitching" of two datasets generated by the software, but a fully automatic process, for the sake of a vertically extended field of view ensuring high image quality. A single acquisition, a universe of details: double scan, single volume, moderate dose.

Extend your view.

  • Extended View (Patent Pending)
  • Dynamic FOV
  • Intelligent collimation

Full perfection in 2D.

Perfection in two dimensions. Hyperion X9 elevates to excellence the quality of panoramic and cephalometric examinations, all of them available for your clinic.

  • Optimized focal layer
  • Uniform enlargement for all the projections
  • Advanced kinematics (3 engines): 2 translations, 1 rotation
  • Fast positioning, Face To Face, 4 Laser traces
  • Lower radiogenic dose

Hyperion X9 offers an efficient dedicated detector for the 2D diagnostics (PAN/CEPH), relocatable releasable, fastened onto a safety device; with the possibility of adding a second detector so as to carry out cephalometric projections. Try out the wide range of two-dimensional exams, such as orthogonal projections of the dentition, Bitewing X-rays and advanced views of the temporomandibular joint.

All possibilities, one touch

Full imaging.

Faster than imagination. Hyperion X9 brings you maximum speed in image sharing. Simple, practical, effective. Under all circumstances.

  • MRT (Morphology Recognition Technology)
  • Scout View and automatic repositioning
  • Servo controlled patient positioning
  • Pluggable onto a tablet

Targeted software and pre-acquisition tools for the best result. What you desire. Hyperion X9 facilitates your work through the innovative MRT (Morphology Recognition Technology). Automatically secure the recognition of the patient's morphology for a correct X-ray exposure and an optimal image. With the aid of MRT, there is no need to plan exposure times or technical factors such as the kV or mA level. Hyperion X9 avoids over- or under-exposed images, thereby preserving the quality of your diagnostics and avoiding useless radiogenic doses to the patient.

Our innovation at your service.

Full relax

Sharing is trust. Hyperion X9 consolidates the clinical excellence of your study by offering a quick and simple way of sharing every phase of the treatment with the patient. Low radiogenic doses and full visual contact with the patient during the positioning. No walls, no panels, no mirrors, the maximum freedom of movement for you and for your patients.

Hyperion X9, improve your day.

Hyperion X9 evolves your work into a new dimension, optimizes your time, fulfils your needs. Exceptional high definition performances.

  • Improves the quality of the clinical service, offering at once an answer to the problem by uninterruptedly monitoring the state of the patient during the treatment. More fluid work, more serene patient.
  • The DICOM network connection is ensured thanks to protocols available with iRYS which enable to print, archive and retrieve images and to interface with booking lists.
  • Available applications for iPad for the sake of a Wi-Fi-driven remote control and quick and light diagnostics. Preparation, launch and image acquisition are within reach.
  • Expand your panoramic imaging to high definition, carry out the scan of the full dental arch in three dimensions. While respecting the patient, all with an extremely moderate X-ray dose.
  • A hybrid platform, versatile and well-performing, which allows you to have all the diagnostic programs in a single device: 3D, PAN, CEPH. High diagnostic quality in a reduced space.
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