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Size 1 with a sensitive (active) area of 30 x 20 mm ideal for standard examinations.

Size 2, with a sensitive area of 33 x 25 mm, for examinations that require a larger active surface.

Two sizes water-resistant replaceable USB connection.

Digital X-ray sensor

Intraskan Digi: - Software Features: Zoom Glass, 3D Rendering, Bone Densitometry, ROI Study & Image Fusion - Hi-resolution Digital Diagnostic Image with 20 lp/mm - DICOM Compliant: Easy transfer of images & Remote Analysis

USB connectivity

Intraoral imaging made comfortable, at last Zen-X has been developed to simplify the whole process of taking radiographs thanks to the outstanding ergonomic shape, which guarantees maximum patient comfort. The smooth sensor edges and the chamfered corners follow the anatomical shape of the oral cavity, simplifying sensor positioning Three-layer Sensor Technology State-of-the-art X-ray image acquisition. Made of three different layers encapsulated in a protective shell, each layer contributes to final image quality.


This Caesium Iodide scintillator is the first one to intercept the X-ray beam converting it into visible light. It is manufactured with a vertical growth process that generates a columnar microstructure, which grants unsurpassed image quality.


This Fibre Optics Plate protects the sensor from direct X-ray penetration, allowing years of use without image deterioration. Moreover, the vertical fibres preserve the image resolution while the light propagates through the three layers in the sensor.


This is the acquisition device. It converts the light into a digital image. It's the latest generation of digital receptors, with cells of 20μm and 14bit encoding, capable of 16384 gray shades, way above your intraoral imaging needs. So you can be sure no detail is missed.

Accuracy, whichever way you look at it When it comes to diagnosis, images are not enough. It is essential that those images are accurate and clear. Zen-X features a highly sophisticated three-layer sensor, capable of high resolution image acquisition at minimal exposure dosage

Two sizes available

Zen-X is available in two sizes, so you can chose the one that better suits your needs. Zen-X control box features hot-swap sensor connector, to work fast and safe with both sensors. Specific aiming devices are designed for both sizes to facilitate intraoral positioning.

Easy, Fast, Mobile

Powerful USB connectivity makes system extraordinarily convenient and mobile. No unwieldy power source attachments, thanks to low power requirements sourced directly from the USB port. The pocketsize control box move from room to room and desktop to laptop with ease. Zen-X is USB 2.0 compatible, thus minimizing the time from the X-ray exposure to the image appearance on computer screen.

Digital Way

Save time and costs. Reduce X-ray exposure. Enhance, share, store your X-ray images easily, thanks to the treatment software. Work with existing X-ray generators. Improve your diagnostics with superior images with no chemicals, no waiting, and no duplication hassles.Going digital is no longer an option, because it helps you work more efficiently. Zen-X is intraoral X-ray technology made simple, so nothing else stands in the way between you and the digital choice. Better workflow, better care.


  • External Dimensions (mm): 38.9 x 24.9 41.9 x 30.4
  • Thickness (mm) 5.3 5.7
  • Pixel Matrix: 1500 x 1000 1700 x 1300
  • Pixel size (um): 20 20
  • Maximum spatial resolution (lp/mm) 25 25
  • Digital image bit depth 14 bit acqisition - 16384 maximum grey levels
  • Scintillator technology CsI (Caesium lodide) with micro-columnar structure
  • Direct exposure protection FOP (Optical Fibers Plate) Compatibility with X-ray generators Any AC and DC
  • technology X-ray generators with kV values in the range 50 - 70 kV and with fine control of exposure times

Minimum System Requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems Microsoft® Windows® 7 - Vista - XP Service Pack 2/3
  • PC interface Hi-Speed USB
  • Power supply 5 VDC, 350 mA (USB)
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