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AIRMOTOR Hand-piece

Self-lubricating Air motor with Distinctive design Separate Water and air compartment with very cool water spray function Dust-proof cover on the head of straight handpiece Adopts imported bearing on Contra angle with Rotation speed of 18000 to 21000 RPM

AIROTOR Hand-piece

Built-in anti-retraction system is to prevent the blood, viruses splash into the hand-piece head, which is more durable than normal handpiece. 1mm-slim body design, provides maximum visibility of the operating field, easily reaching all areas of the oral cavity. Ceramic bearing cartridge with super torque, and Cartridge compatible with other dental handpiece having the same quick coupling. Speed up to 400000 RPM.

LED-AIROTOR Hand-piece

LED handpiece integrate E-generator, self power. Triple water spray, high spraying performance, cooling treatment area and burs from three points. Available as standard head or torque head, Push button type, with a choice of 2holes or 4 holes interface. Rotate speed: 280,000 - 350,000 rpm.


Design is simple and fluent, 6 holes interface, Adopt LED light, life span for 80,000 hours Push button type, replace the needle more faster and convenient, can effectively save the working time, and reduce patient treatment time Triple water spray, high spraying performance, cooling treatment area and burs from three points Ceramic bearing cartridge, handpiece in fast operation has good stability, With quick coupling, its compatible with several other dental handpieces, made of same quick coupling with "Multiflex" , confirming that this style is very popular worldwide and has strong compatibility Noise is below 60dB provide a quiet environment for the operator and patient, reduce the pressure brought about by too much noise Super torque with Speed up to 400000 RPM