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Computer controlled unit with two DC motors provide strong power.

Automatic thermostatic water supply system, with built-in water purified system with bottle..

Three way syringe (one for hot, one for cold).


Designed for ensuring safety and hygiene of doctor, assistant and patient.

Continental / International Delivery system with multifunctional feather touch controls and pneumatic vertical brake locking system.

Patient chair is equipped with safety systems to prevent entrapment during operation.


Multi-programmable, multifunctional feather touch controls for maximum flexibility.

Autonomous system for hygiene and water supply with by-pass

Induction micro motor - with / without led light plus advanced console.

Module 4-holes electrified midwest connect. With / without optic fiber

Body contoured seamless, washable upholstery


Top performance with cutting edge instruments for freedom of operation and ergonomic flexibility

Electrically controlled, Multi-Programmable, Dental chair with 5 programmes (3 programmable & 2 Fixed)

Continental/International Delivery System with multifunctional feather touch controls and pneumatic vertical brake locking system

Cuspidor is made of high finish, porcelain which is rotatable (160o) and removable

Castellini Puma Eli

Essential and compact, Puma ELI has been designed to enhance your work with extreme flexibility. Ergonomics and a balanced design create a harmonic, ordered style that ensures naturally practical everyday use

Castellini Skema 6

Self-balanced instruments minimizing operator wrist fatigue during use

Removable Motor-driven cuspidor bowl, facilitates positioning during rinse phase

Wide Display on medical table for Setting and visualizing speed of turbine, micromotor and power of scaler

The smart touch panel features a large touch screen display, allowing trouble free control of all dynamic instruments and hygiene systems integrated on dental unit

Castellini Skema 8

The Skema 8 work range is enhanced in both versions by its extensive-travel arms, allowing the operating ergonomics to adjust to each clinical situation with maximum efficiency.