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INTRASKAN DC has packed the power and intelligence with latest dual Microprocessors to enhance the convenience of the clinician and patients. The sleek console with graphical LCD, displays exposure parameters, modes of operations and self diagnostic messages.

Designed for Safety and Precision, patented shielding technology for negligible leakage radiation and zero-drift scissor arm


High frequency DC x-ray, 100KHz digital generator, offering good quality at a minimum dose.

The DC system significantly reduces harmful soft radiation, compared to the conventional AC x-ray.

The unique patented shielding technology results in virtually negligible leakage radiation.

3-point control - kV, mA & ms

X-ray tube current of minimum 4 to 8 mA in steps of 1mA and 50 to 70 KV in steps of 1KV.

X-ray exposure time of minimum .04 to 4 secs in steps of 10 msecs.

Focal Spot size of 0.4 and 0.5 mm.

Perfectly balanced zero-drift scissor arm.

The x-ray unit have option for selecting exposure parameters for Adult & Child.

Global safety standards.

Certified by FDA, AERB, UL, CE & IEC.

Digital control for safety and reliability.

Operator console with APR

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