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1 combi touch

1 LED ultrasonic handpiece

1 bottle 500 ml

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1 bottle safety cap

1 torque wrench K6

1 air-polishing nozzle 90°

1 air-polishing nozzle 120°

1 bottle of mectron prophylaxis powder, contents 250 g

1 bottle of mectron glycine powder, contents 160 g

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Switch between supra and sub gingival air polishing

Clogging protection

Intuitive and ergonomic touch panel

Refill function for easy removal of powder chambers

2 removable powder chambers

3 different nozzles

Piezo ultrasound


stop all that stuff

There are countless instruments you have to use during an ordinary prophylaxis treatment: curettes, scalers, contra angles, polishers, pastes - wouldn't it be perfect if you could have them all in one?

start all in one

Well, now you can: the combi combines ultrasound and air polishing in one unit - it allows complete prophylaxis treatment from removal of supragingival and subgingival calculus to gentle removal of stain and biofi lm and even implant cleaning.

supra and subgingival

You can simply switch between supra and subgingival air polishing by pressing one button.

various treatments

There are more than 50 instruments available - for scaling, perio, endo and restorative treatments

clogging protection

The tubing is cleaned by apermanent air stream - and placing back the handpiece automatically triggers pressure release which empties the complete tubing

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