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Skanray Dental, India’s fastest growing dental solutions company, was founded in 2016 subsequent to the acquisition of Mectron India by Skanray Technologies, a global medical devices manufacturer.

Skanray Dental was established with the goal of increasing value to patient care by providing innovative solutions backed by reliable services to dentists. Adhering to global quality standards, Skanray Dental’s products across intra-oral imaging, dental chairs and piezo-surgery makes dental care affordable to the masses.


Committed to aid the growth in oral health care with products of global quality standard & performance to bring affordable solutions for mass wellness.



Combine innovative 'Dental solutions' with world class customer service to increase value for patient care and the company.


Company Philosophy

We believe in philosophy of transparency - Its slogan is "Nothing is Opaque" is also governed by its philosophy of 'transparency' in all its transactions with its customers, investors, suppliers and business associates.